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Concrete Curbing For Defining Outdoor Spaces

Edging is an important feature used in landscaping. Some of the most obvious types of edging are retaining walls, paving stones, and aluminum or plastic edging. These are all installed with the purpose of defining a set space, such as a flower bed. Another benefit is to keep certain plants out of an area - for example, grass out of a flower bed. These all have different advantages and disadvantages associated with them, and they vary in cost and installation time. However, there is also another edging option that you might want to consider. Concrete curbing is a versatile choice to use as edging in your outdoor spaces.

Decorative concrete curbing is an excellent choice for a polished professional look for new landscape projects, or to enhance your current space. It not only improves your property value, but reduces yard maintenance. It also has the benefit of functioning practically in the garden space. Curbing can also be used to define a variety of areas in the yard – from pathways, to flower beds, or acts as a divider between different features. One of Curbmaster’s specialty products is decorative concrete curbing.

There is a lot of versatility when using concrete curbing. The curbing can be formed around existing bedding areas (including curves and circles), and the height is ideal for containing soil and mulch, creating a high end look with clean lines and a professional feel. Curbing is also excellent for keeping weeds and grass out that tend to grow through other types of edging, and has the added benefit of not shifting in Calgary’s infamous freeze/thaw cycles, resulting in soil/mulch staying contained in the bedding area.

Another benefit of curbing is it lasts longer than other edging, and is not easily damaged like plastic or thin metal. It also doesn’t shift like plastic or metal edging. It is easy to mow around and doesn’t get caught on the lawnmower. Concrete curb is also available in various colors and patterns to match elements that are already a part of your property. The commercial grade sealant we use protects the curb and gives it a high quality finish. Curbmaster completes all the required work onsite with specialized equipment, unique procedures and specialized ingredients to produce decorative curbing that lasts.

Curbmaster’s proprietary concrete blend is what makes us the best choice for decorative concrete curbing. Our proprietary blend has proven season after season it’s ability to last in Calgary’s constantly changing climate. We have over 22 years experience in the Calgary area, and exposed aggregate finish is our trademark product! We use specialized equipment for improved efficiency and quality, and employ quality construction techniques with our guarantee to ensure lasting value for our clients.

Here at Curbmaster Concrete and Landscape, we are dedicated to helping you meet your landscape edging needs. Please do not hesitate to call us at 403-240-2526 to set up a free consultation.

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