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Paving & Natural Stones

Use paving and natural stones to enhance your outdoor area

The use of paving stones can provide a high quality look for patio areas and walkways, or provide accents for other landscape features. Paving stones are an excellent way to enhance your outdoor area, transforming it into an enjoyable living space. There are a large variety of stone sizes, colors and patterns that can provide you with the look you desire to fulfill the vision you have for your outdoor oasis. Natural stones, including flagstone pathway stone or landscape boulders, bring a great accent and feel to your space.  Natural stack stone can be great for flower beds, accent walls, or even fire pit areas.

The Curbmaster team has the expertise that ensures quality of preparation and installation for continued longevity, and to prevent future problems such as water drainage issues and stone movement. Nobody wants to pay good money only to be stuck with ongoing maintenance difficulties such as replacing stones, uneven rolling surfaces, or tripping hazards caused by shifting stones.  CurbMaster’s attention to detail and quality application help ensure your paving stones are installed right the first time. 

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