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Planting & Sod

Use of plants and sod that are suitable for Calgary’s unique climate

Planting, flowers

Grass is a favoured addition to most Calgary yards. However, given Calgary’s short, dry summer, grass can easily be stressed, or end up being high maintenance with a lot of required watering. For these reasons, Curbmaster installs Manderley Sod on all our landscaping projects requesting sod. Manderley Sod is Canada’s first drought tolerant sod, making it ideal for Calgary’s semi arid climate. However, if grass isn’t your thing, and you’re more adventurous in exploring groundcover greenery, we have options other than sod available.


Greenery is often one of the most important aspects to finishing a landscape project. Calgary has a unique climate, with short, dry summers, and long winters that include warming Chinooks that remove protective snow cover.  Therefore, choosing perennials is a serious business! Nobody wants to spend money on plants and shrubbery, only to have it die over the winter season. That’s why Curbmaster sources it’s plants from local greenhouses that understand how challenging Calgary’s climate is. It is our goal that once your plants are planted, that they thrive to enhance your outdoor oasis.

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