Concrete Curbing

We use a proprietary blend for the curbing.


Decorative concrete curbing is an excellent choice for a polished professional look for new landscape projects, or to enhance your current space. It not only improves your property value, but reduces yard maintenance. The benefits of curbing in the garden space include:


  • Forms around existing bedding areas, including curves and circles

  • Ideal height for containing soil and mulch

  • Creates a high end look with clean lines and a professional feel

  • Excellent for keeping weeds and grass out that tend to grow through other types of edging

  • Doesn’t shift in Calgary’s infamous freeze/thaw cycles

  • Lasts longer than other edging, and is not easily damaged like plastic or thin metal.

  • Available in various colors and patterns

  • Completes all work onsite with specialized equipment, unique procedures and specialized ingredients to produce decorative curbing that lasts.


Curbmaster’s concrete curbing is also an excellent choice for use in industrial/commercial areas and golf courses. In fact, golf courses are our specialty! Some of the benefits of using curbing on the course are:


  • Flexible timing when installing curbing to keep golfer’s moving through the course

  • Specialized, unique equipment for efficiency and reduction of construction time

  • Curbing helps control client usage resulting in reduced maintenance

  • Quality finish enhances course appearance

  • Industrial applications for 6”x6” curbing includes parking lots, around condo units, playground areas or other work areas that help define usage and reduce maintenance.


Curbmaster’s proprietary concrete blend is what makes us the best choice for decorative concrete curbing. Our proprietary blend has proven season after season it’s ability to last in Calgary’s constantly changing climate. We have over 22 years experience in the Calgary area, and exposed aggregate finish is our trademark product! We use specialized equipment for improved efficiency and quality and employ quality construction techniques with our guarantee to ensure lasting value for our clients.