Lighting & Irrigation

Professionally installed lighting and irrigation systems

Outdoor, garden lighting

Using properly installed and planned lighting and irrigation systems allows your outdoor oasis to become more automated, functional and professional in appearance.  The use of low voltage landscape lighting is an opportunity to add elegancy, safety and greater function to your landscape area.  Available lighting options include pathway lights and upward lights that come in various colors to bring attention to trees, buildings or unique features in your yard.  Lighting options can also be installed in decks, stone pathways, grass areas or flower beds.  The use of high quality fixtures and materials ensures long lasting function and protects your investment.  


Irrigation systems are a valuable addition to any landscape plan, and well worth the investment. An effectively installed irrigation system can direct proper watering to various areas of your space depending on the needs of the plants. This not only improves plant growth but creates automation - set it and forget, if you will – and also improves watering efficiency.  The irrigation controls used by Curbmaster are also WIFI compatible using an app from your phone to turn on, or set watering schedules.