Landscaping & Yard Renovations

If you have a new home requiring a complete landscape installation, we have the experience to complete your project. Referrals for landscape architects to design a landscaping plan are available.

Homeowners with older yards that have deteriorated over the years can benefit from our Yard Renovation service. A yard with drainage issues, patchy weed-ridden sod, overgrown trees and planting beds that are out of control is the perfect candidate for a Yard Renovation

Yard renovation services available include:

  • Removal of existing sod, trees or shrubs that are past their healthy life.
  • Installation of decorative concrete or interlocking paving stone patios and walkways.
  • Natural stone walls / boulder walls / retaining walls installed.
  • Irrigation system repaired or new system installed.
  • Supply new loam which is then properly graded and packed.
  • Drainage issues are addressed.
  • Planting new trees, shrubs and perennials.
  • Clean out and refurbish existing planting beds (mulch / decorative rocks installed).
  • Installing exposed aggregate curbing to define bed areas and provide a finished look.
  • Healthy new sod installed - Manderley sod - Canada's first drought tolerant sod!

End Result - your yard looks brand new!


"We are very pleased with the work your crew did - looks fantastic and great cleanup!"

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